too much dark matter, too little gray


a collection of weird fiction



"Chock full of gooey mind-bending goodness. Mike Robinson delivers equal parts of scares and the bizarre with wit and style." 

                   - Guy Anthony De Marco, Bram Stoker Award Finalist 



"The stories in Mike Robinson's new collection are much more than slices of surreal life.  Weird fictions, yes, but also solidly rooted in the world we know, and informed by a deep understanding that -- because every mind is its own place -- maybe none of us really know that world as well as we think we do."

                   - Howard V. Hendrix, author of The Labyrinth Key 



A beer run becomes an interdimensional excursion. 

Two men settle their differences after discovering an extraordinary secret in the wilderness. 

A woman faces the bureaucracy of a digital afterlife. 

A grieving man seeks to know where his wife was reincarnated. 

Strange lights in the sky transform the lives of a small town. 

God and the Devil play billiards for people's souls. 

A teenage deity's science project sprouts a startling discovery. 

These and more dream-like detours into the surreal, interstitial and inexplicable await within.