THE enigma of twilight falls




"The Green-Eyed Monster" introduces the northern California town of Twilight Falls, isolated in a mist-swept valley and a beacon to artists of all stripes - a "brothel of muses", as someone once put it. Bestselling authors John Becker and Martin Smith are natives, not to mention notorious rivals, their dark and ultimately fatal dynamic embodying something sinister, something knowing and something looming, at the core of the town.


And what of this strange artistic movement (to some, a cult) dubbed Neo-Naturalism, the heart of which seems to reside in Twilight Falls? "Negative Space" offers another vantage point on the mystery, introducing one Clifford Feldman, the premiere, charismatic face of Neo-Naturalism, who believes Humankind's destiny lies beyond the flesh, in the realm of ultimate Creation.


In "Waking Gods", we meet Adrian Foster, a young and reclusive Los Angeles man with an extraordinary gift that has informally brought him the nickname “The Human Master Key.”

When a new victim of a vicious serial killer turns up in the woods by Twilight Falls, California, Adrian reunites with eccentric detective Derek Adams in probing the occult lore surrounding the town — the town in which Adrian was born and raised, the town in which he left behind many a ghost, the town whose dark central spirit will force him on a harrowing journey through the rugged bottomlands of another’s psyche … as well as his own.


A non-linear trilogy, "The Enigma of Twilight Falls" can be read in any order. 

  A non-linear trilogy